Monday, August 29, 2005

Katrina and the Waves

As you may recall, my kin and I are closely tied to the Gulf Coast area stretching from New Orleans to Mobile. An area that you might also be seeing on the tv right now starring as Katrina's bitch. I worked on the East Side of New Orleans and have many old work buddies living in Slidell and Picayune. WSB TV in Atlanta gives this weblog update (portions recorded here since they will likely change their site):
4:26 p.m.: Do Not Come Home Until Further Notice
Jefferson Parish officials are reminding residents that they are not to come back to southeast Louisiana until further notice. Many of the roads are underwater and conditions are extremely dangerous. Officials will probably not be able to make an assessment until at least Tuesday. -- Web Staff
4 p.m.: East New Orleans Underwater

New video from a WDSU crew shows east New Orleans is underwater. Only the very tops of some cars can be seen, and on other streets, the water has risen past the second story of some homes. A man was seen wading through chest-deep water. He told the news crew that he was searching for injured or trapped people. -- Web Staff
Let's hope that everyone comes through ok. Heck, I hope that Grand Isle is still there. The National Geographic reported "...the weakened hurricane inflicted massive damage as it made several landfalls, starting when it crossed Grand Isle around 5 a.m. local time. At that point the storm's strongest winds were blowing at 150 miles (225 kilometers) an hour.."

If you get a chance, drop by and wish Oyster (Your Right Hand Thief) good luck. He took his family outta there, but we have to hope that when he gets back there is still some there there.

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