Wednesday, April 27, 2005

How Did I Miss This?

So I was just wandering through life today when something hit me. Jon Stewart has no blog (that I'm aware of and I'm on his freaking stalker fan mailing list). Why doesn't Jon Stewart have a blog? Shouldn't something be DONE about this? Isn't this a great big NEED? Don't you want Jon to blog live-time while he's watching CNN?

Why is the Congress piddling around with professional sports steroids use when we have a problem like this on our hands? Better yet, the Daily Show could have a blog and ALL of the reporters could post. How cool would THAT be? I'm already a fan of the Colbert Report (It's French. Get Over It.) and it hasn't even broadcast yet. (Yes I remain eternally hopeful that they will take themselves seriously and turn it into a show.) And what about Ed Helms? He could audioblog some of that banjo playin' for us, maybe with some "overview of today's news" lyrics. Wouldn't it have been easier to have heard about the Pope's death that way? Come to think of it, if he starts to offer that service I might get all of my news that way...

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