Monday, March 7, 2005

Think Before You Type

When I first read the headline Firms Taking Action Against Worker Blogs I thought, "Oh no, here it comes. People being fired for their political beliefs again!"

No, apparently not. Firing may have been a bit exreme, but these are the sorts of things that you would get disciplinary action for no matter how you did it, or how your boss found out about it. For you to leave a documentation trail by publishing it online is three shades stupider than running your mouth at the water coooler or sharing the information in a more private way THAN ON THE WORLD WIDE WEB. I realize you may think that your boss is a moron and can't use the computer, but I think that even primates are logging in these days, so beware. Use the same discretion you would in any other forum, and make sure not to do anything that was expressly prohibited in your employee handbook. If you really want to step it up a notch, consider yourself a professional and act accordingly.

The only story they had that concerned me was the one about Cameron Barrett being fired over fiction. What I want to know is, how whacked out was that fiction? Personally I believe in freedom in art so I wouldn't have fired him over it, no matter how wicka-whack it might have been. But as recent events have suggested, there are plenty of intolerant folks around.

Remember. Think before you type.

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