Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Aw man! The Doobie Brothers broke up? When did that happen?

In some way you always feel like the monuments of your childhood should remain eternal. Heck, the preserved remains of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards - should I even mention Dick Clark? - make you think that they can go on forever. But today we lost Keith Knudsen, the drummer of the Doobie Brothers. (Slightly off topic... why is it always the drummer who goes first? Or at least loses an arm? Is this the curse of the drummer?)

I'm not saying I was a huge Doobie Brothers fan or anything. In fact I can only list more than two songs because I read the article. But they were part of that mid-70s landscape that I 'awakened' in. They played on the tinny radio in the back of my Mom's health food store. They blasted out of my brother's room somewhere between the Eagles and AC/DC. They were part of the air that I breathed and the chair that I sat in. They were, like all of the other things that I experienced, ultimately part of me.

So farewell Keith, I barely knew ye. Walk in peace, brother.
He took me by the hand
Led me far from this land
Jesus, he’s my friend
Jesus is just alright with me

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