Monday, December 6, 2004

Weekend in Review

My latest addiction is Munchkins, a quick card-game for those times when you just can't fit in a full game of D&D. (Or Chill, or Vampire, or Star Wars, or GURPS..... Yeah, I'm a big geek.) This weekend I got the basic game expansions "Clerical Errors" and "Unnatural Axe". I am amused.

Other than that I feel like a great deal of my weekend was spent chopping vegetables. We were never big vegetable people, so preparing three meals a day just seemed to eat up my time. But the good news is that we are still on South Beach (although the husband had a weak moment yesterday and tried to convince me that *one* night out to Brick Oven Pizza wouldn't kill the diet) and the weight is coming off. I was a bit surprised that it was JD who was tempted first - he's usually so much more stolid than I am. And I was the one with the sugar fixation. Hopefully he'll be able to see me through when I see a chocolate cake, which is likely to happen sooner than later.

See how good I'm being at this 'daily thing'? Just weekends off (didn't turn on the computer all weekend anyway). I think I'm actually reveling in the fact that I have more than two minutes to rub together this month. See ya online...

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