Wednesday, December 8, 2004

The Weasels of 2004

Since I'm on the Dilbert newsletter email list I got a heads up that the 2004 Weasels List was out. I voted some time last month and I'm happy to report that most of my votes are in the majority of THIS election. (In fact, I think I pegged all of them, but I can't quite remember. Some of the decisions were so close...)

In case you're too lazy to click on the link I've provided you three times, here's the top of the lists. If you want to see who else got votes you have to click.
Weaseliest Pundit/Reporter - Bill O'Reilly with 13,123 votes
Weaseliest Celebrity - Donald Trump with 12,125 votes
Weaseliest Industry - Oil with 17,999 votes
Weaseliest Company - Halliburton with 25,073 votes
Weaseliest Politician - George W. Bush with 17,068 votes
Weaseliest Country - United States with 19,918 votes
Weaseliest Sports Person - Kobe Bryant with 15,231 votes
Weaseliest Organization - Religious Fanatics with 13,192 votes
Ok, who else thinks that Dubya would be proud that he got more votes than Kerry again? But at least we know that the weaselist of all weasels is agreed to be Halliburton, it seems to cross party lines. HELLOOOOO PEOPLE! NON-COMPETITION CONTRACTS!!! PUT THE PIECES TOGETHER!!!! Ok, I'm fine, really...

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