Thursday, December 2, 2004

I'm So Far Behind I Might Be Ahead

My Google news page today shared with me that blog is the most popular word in the online dictionary. So I popped over to to see what they had listed for blog and found out that, by definition, I'm supposed to be updating this thing daily.

Do have any idea how freaking mundane this thing would be if I updated it daily????

Just to give you some insight.... Haven't had a chance to read enough news to get my blood boiling. I didn't even follow the link regarding the increase in troops in Iraq, or the fact that the troops who are there will have their tour extended. In a way I'm thinking, how can I get upset? We knew this was going to happen if the election went this way. I got all of my upset out of the way in the year leading up to the election. Now I'm just..... resigned.

In other news, this is the second day of the South Beach Diet for the husband unit and me. So far so good.

In other, other news, work is busy. Today is the second day of December and I have already matched the number of days in November when I spent more than 30 minutes at my desk. Tomorrow I'm going for the big THREE days. If anyone even tries to put a meeting on my calendar I'm getting out the knives.

Meanwhile, I hope that my coffee crew is planning on getting together tomorrow morning. There's nothing better than a morning of drinking coffee and kvetching. Even if, with South Beach, it now has to be decaf.

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