Monday, September 6, 2004

How did I miss this? (Not that there's anything WRONG with that....)

U.S. Rep. Edward L. Schrock announced his retirement amid allegations that he is gay... Schrock, a retired Navy officer and Vietnam veteran, would not comment further on his decision, nor did he comment specifically on the allegations.... Allegations that Schrock is gay were posted on a Web log Aug. 19 by Michael Rogers, who said his blog is aimed at exposing "hypocrites" in Congress....Schrock is married and a conservative who has voted for legislation to ban gay marriages. ~Associated Press on ABCNews

1) How did I miss this in the news? I live in the freaking state! I found a reference to it on my favorite Late Night Political Joke Archive and had to look it up.
2) How about that for the power of the (virtual)press? Bloggers are really stepping into ye olde pamphleteer role.

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