Friday, June 25, 2004

Makes Me Proud to Be Irish

These Irish eyes are smiling, because the natives of my ancestral homeland protested Bush's visit.

    Rallying under the "Stop Bush Campaign" banner, the crowd of about 10,000 waved signs denouncing Bush as a warmonger and calling for an end to American military flights though Shannon Airport, a strategic refueling point used by thousands of U.S. troops each month...

    "Good people of America," read one placard, "vote that son of a Bush out."

    "If we don't speak out, our silence will be taken as consent," Dublin Mayor Andrew Montague told the crowd. "This president lied to the world about the reasons for invading Iraq."

    ...Leaders of Green Party handed out copies of a mock set of instructions advising protesters how to make a "citizen's arrest" of Bush if they meet him.

This reminds me of something Bono from U2 said once. The difference between an American and an Irishman is that the American sees the rich man on the hill and says, "One day I'm going to be that man." The Irishman says, "One day I'm going to get that man..."

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