Tuesday, February 3, 2004

Top Ten things Clarkies and Deaniacs agree on

10. Paul O'Neill is the Democrats new best friend.
9. Given the results of Iowa and New Hampshire, sobriety testing before voting should be mandatory.
8. Kerry?...KERRY?!?
7. The words "career politician" do not inspire trust and confidence.
6. Forget "time out"--the media needs a good spanking. With a belt.
5. Hint--endorsements by members of wealthy, liberal political families go from an asset to a liability once you move south of New Jersey.
4. Sharpton, Kucinich and Lieberman need to drop out. Now.
3. The American people will never put a man who looks like Treebeard in the White House.
2. Karl Rove is Satan's Puppetmaster.
1. BUSH MUST GO!!!!!!!

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