Sunday, January 25, 2004

"Why, God, why?"

Some things make me lie down on the floor, stare at the ceiling, and say, "Why, God, why?" Surprisingly, the Iowa results didn't do that. Goes back to the old adage about battles and wars, I guess. (Dean and I are both Scorpios. It's all about the long range plan...) So what can make me contemplate the ceiling tiles in abject misery? Things like the email I got from the Democratic National Committee this morning.

    This week, the Boston Globe reported that Republican staffers on the Senate Judiciary Committee repeatedly accessed computer files belonging to Democratic members over the course of the year, stealing strategic memos and leaking them to conservative media outlets.

    Republicans immediately jumped on the defensive, blaming the computer glitch that allowed them to access the files. That's like a burglar blaming an unlocked door when he robs your house!

A few quotes that I think express my reaction:

    "Hegel was right when he said thatwe learn from history that
    man can never learn anything from history."
    ~George Bernard Shaw

    ~Jon Stewart

Everything old is new again. Last time the courage of the owner and staff of the Washington Post brought Watergate down around the ears of the Nixon administration. Who will be brave this time?

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