Friday, January 30, 2004

Just need to get this off my chest...

I supported Howard Dean before I ever heard of a blog, Joe Trippi, or Zephyr Teachout.

I supported Howard Dean because I heard Howard Dean speak, and it was first Democrat I'd heard in a long while who acted as if the Democratic party was an opposition party.

I support Howard Dean because he's the only man in the race who can say he's made it easier for kids w/out health insurance to live.

I support Howard Dean because he approved civil unions when it could have cost him his career, and his life.

I support Howard Dean because this deficit needs to get cleaned up now or our kids will have to do it.

I support Howard Dean because he started "Success by Six", a program that not only cut down on child abuse, but in the long term will save money on prisons and drug abuse centers. You hear that, Republicans, a government program that's effective AND efficient. Shove that up your collective asses, THAT's how you're supposed to run government.

I could ramble on like this for a long time, but with everyone laughing at Deanies now because the campaign's running out of money, I say fuck that, I gave them money so Howard Dean could be president.

And if he needs any more of my goddamn money, he can have it.

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